Hello there Fellow Newgrounders,

The production of Gears of War for Flash has restarded.
Drawings and samples are on the way as the detail and creation methods arise.
All that it needs now are levels and some Blood And Gore to make this Game hit the Top
of the Games list next Summer.

This Negron Films giving you the behind the scenes.

New Flash Project.

2007-07-18 09:21:37 by Negron-Films

Hello this is Negron-Films coming with some news on my current work.

So far all i have been working on is Garan 2: The beginning, and a couple of games.

''Garan 2'' starts at the very beginning of the book where it shows the conflict of all the characters.
To tell the truth Garan 1 was never really following the book that was written, it was mearly a Fun side project. Garan will be remade to clear up some things and plot.

Thats all for now,
Catch you on the flash side.

-Negron Films